Annette Landry

Music Staff, Music Selection, Staging and Choreography

Music is like breathing to Annette!!  As a child she sang: at age 3 at her Grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary ("Doggie in the Window" for pay!), at her father's side/with him in Sr. Events, in school/high school/college choirs.  Her mentor Sr. Reginald guided her to learn and eventually teach piano.

She played the organ at two weddings and learned violin, playing in the Orchestra of SCSU...bucket list item...Sweet Adelines didn't come into Annette's life until 1971: the Mt. Laurel Chorus...her first.  Life got in the way; she left MLC, not to return to SAI until 1987 and the Farmington Valley Chorus. Under Barbara West's tutelage she learned a lot; she is a charter member of Sound of New England Chorus.

Annette helped to form Millennium Magic chorus and here she resides.  She is a Certified Director in SAI, is on several teams with MM, is a fledgling arranger and has sung tenor (and baritone for one year) with seven quartets. Her latest, Voice Activated, has medalled in each of its four Regional Contest appearances; the elusive Quartet Championship medal is still a bucket list item!!!  Retired from the Special Education field and Social Security Disability work for the State of CT, Annette teaches piano and voice to very talented children and adults....her passion fulfilled! Travel throughout the US ( for SAI conventions),  to Europe and So. Africa have also fulfilled her. Annette is thrilled with Millennium's journey!!!