Anne Wilson

Paper Director, Organizer of "odd" Jobs

Anne became a member of SAI in 2000 and was captivated by the style and work ethic of Millennium Magic Chorus in 2005, where she has been a member ever since.  Music has always been a passion, and she has shared it with friends and family for as long as she can remember.  She attributes her sanity to the fulfillment and camaraderie she experiences rehearsing and performing with this special group of ladies each week.  Anne sings the bass because somebody has to…but she is a baritone at heart.  She also enjoys singing in her unofficial quartet, Double Trouble (with her sister Kappy, and best buddy sisters Sandy & Suzy) and hopes to make it officially to the contest stage. From this affiliation also came the formation of her family singing group, G-Wil-A-Kerrs, which is a 10 member ensemble of moms and daughters.  Anne is currently listed as the paper director of MM, but since our group has no formal director, Anne contributes her skills and leadership collaboratively with the rest of the chorus.  It is truly an all teach, all learn environment.