Debra Lynn

Magical Coach

Debra Lynn has been a Professional Singer and Internationally-Recognized Vocal Instructor since 1995, helping singers of all levels to claim their voice. She is a direct line scholar of this fundamental technical approach, which was the standard of vocal production from 1800 to 1840 before opera got really big. Called bel canto or beautiful singing for a reason, the clarity, control and ease intrinsic to this work transforms the contemporary voice.

Her unique combination of skills combined with the vision of effortless singing for everyone, inspired The Bel Canto Buzz, a user-friendly cutting edge step-by-step singing manual that makes the journey to singing well, fun and entertaining.

Currently, Debra resides in Connecticut where she writes, sings with SAI chorus, Millennium Magic, and maintains a private voice studio, expanding her reach internationally via online coaching, as well as traveling to facilitate Vocal Production workshops for both men and women.