Eunice Fuller Glick

Eunice has been a member of MM since 2009, right after the International win at Nashville. She comes from a musical family, from piano teachers to a well known minstrel in the 1860s. Her family always was a large part of choir in church.  Her dad had a barbershop quartet, The Partyliners.

Before coming to MM she was a member of Mountain Laurel Chorus. After that dissolved she was away from barbershop music for several years.  Finally, she missed the music so started looking for a group and found MM, rehearsing exactly where Mountain Laurel used to practice!!! She loves this group!  She loves the attitude and the practice ethics!

When not singing, Eunice is busy with her hobbies, having retired this past January.  She was a veterinarian for 43 years and owned her own business. She still does some acupuncture and chiropractic on animals, but no longer does allopathic medicine. She and her husband still have a small farm, still have one Percheron draft horse, one team of oxen and numerous other animals. “Just enjoying time for me now!!!!”