Do you believe in Magic?? We sure do! We sing barbershop, doo wop, contemporary and lots of music in between.  We have 20 current, active members and are the only chorus in our organization to perform and compete without a front line director.   Since our inception, Millennium Magic has captured the Regional Division A championship in every competition we have participated in, one third place overall medal and five fifth place medals in the overalls for North Atlantic Region 1.  We have qualified to compete 5 times at the International level, our next International competition for Harmony Classic wil be in Las Vegas, October 2015.  We won second place in 2002, first place gold medals in 2003 & 2009.

Millennium Magic is a dynamic chorus just like yours! We have no contracts, we do not rehearse 3 times a week and we are not all quartet members!! We are what you might call over achievers. We love to learn, work hard and carry over what we've learned from week to week!!  Millennium Magic (contrary to the rumor mill) has a auditioning procedure like most other groups and is not difficult.  We offer many ways to help you in learning and passing in one try, but if you don’t the first time around, you may audition again.  We love to sing and what sets us apart at this time, other than the fact we sing without a director, is that we work as a TEAM. We love each other like crazy and are a family!  There is NOTHING we wouldn't do for each other!!  Having fun, working hard and loving what you do is what we are all about!!

So, what was up our sleeves next? The possibilities are endless….come find out!  Feel free to visit if you are ever in the area!!! We'd LOVE to meet you