Laurel Strielkauskas

Certified director, Music Staff, Music Selection, Rehearsal team, Management team

Laurel has been a member of Sweet Adelines since 1990 when she joined Mt. Laurel Chorus. She began as a lead then switched to baritone. Laurel enjoyed a regional competition win and first experience on the international stage in Indianapolis. Soon after its charter, she joined Sound of New England Chorus with 80-100+ members with whom she competed regionally and internationally in Atlanta, Salt Lake City, and New Orleans. She sang lead in a quartet “Sneak Preview” and Strictly Acapella, a small performing ensemble within SONE. Several of these members formed Millenium Magic Chorus in 2000.  As a charter member, Laurel has competed and won two 2nd place (2001 and 2015)  and three 1st place (2003, 2009, 2019) small chorus international wins in South Carolina, Nashville, and New Orleans.

She decided to become a certified director within SAI, completing this multiple exam process within one year! Previous to singing barbershop Laurel sang in church and high school but had a 15 year break before discovering Sweet Adelines. Having played piano since age 6, music and singing harmony has always been an outlet of joy in her life. She enjoys all genres of music especially country and broadway showtunes. Currently Laurel is on music staff, bass and tenor section leader, rehearsal team, music selection team,   and various creative teams within Millennium Magic.  She has also arranged a song within the last three international packages.

The small size of MM and autonomous nature appeals to her. One of her much loved recollections is her Nashville experience: “ From hearing the audience chuckle and laugh at our appearance to hearing thunderous applause after singing our contest songs, to seeing the standing ovation on completion of ‘Thriller’ was a very exciting on stage experience.” She was able to share that joyful time with older daughter Stacy who sang lead and had the comedic speaking role of the package.  This experience was topped with Millennium's gold medal performance in New Orleans with the "Hello" package where she was joined by both daughters Stacy and Abby.  Laurel was an OB nurse until June of 2021 when she retired.  She is married to Tom, also retired, and lived in central CT until 2022 when they moved to coastal NC.   She enjoys traveling and visiting daughters Stacy, who remains in CT,  and Abby, an occupational therapist in Colorado.

"I love the harmony and creativity I've experienced through Sweet Adelines.  Pursuing excellence in the barbershop craft and vocal production, as well as expressive singing has been very rewarding and I love the joy this hobby has given me!"